Braun Strowman Gives Valentine’s Day Update While Training For WWE Return

Braun Strowman returned to action right before the Royal Rumble, but then he disappeared once again. The Monster Among Men later revealed he was fighting a pretty bad health situation.

Strowman suffered an infection that got into his blood. He was bed-ridden for a few days, but the doctor got him on antibiotics. He was feeling much better a few days ago, but he also dropped 15 pounds in five days.

It’s Valentine’s Day and a lot of people are preparing something special for that special someone, but Strowman is clanging and banging. The former Universal Champion is back in the gym. He flexed for the camera while asking if fans will be his Valentine.

With all that training for his in-ring return, it seems Braun Strowman might have forgotten about securing a Valentine.

We’ll have to see when Braun Strowman returns, but he seems ready for action already.

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