Brandi Rhodes Was Recently Contacted By Warner Bros Discovery

Brandi Rhodes became one of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling in recent memory for a variety of reasons in AEW. Whenever she showed up on AEW television, fans simply wanted her gone.

Rhodes served as the Chief Brand Officer of AEW on top of being an in-ring performer. She and Cody Rhodes eventually left AEW back in February.

According to Fightful’s paywall, Warner Bros Discovery made contact with Brandi Rhodes last month. However, it was noted that she is still a free agent and has not signed with any company.

Brandi had participated in some matches at the WWE Performance Center, but we haven’t heard of a deal being reached in that regard. We’d also heard she was hopeful she could integrate KultureCity with WWE, as she’s a board member of the former.

We’ve not heard of any subsequent contact between All Elite Wrestling and Brandi, but after the story we ran about WBD’s efforts to retain Cody Rhodes, a source familiar with the situation did claim that Warner Bros Discovery had made contact with Brandi in September of 2022.

It was also reported that, “Those that we’ve spoken to claim that Brandi and WBD aren’t typically in regular contact, but maintain a cordial relationship. We haven’t learned the context of the conversation.”

Brandi Rhodes is certainly serious about competing again. Perhaps she’ll be back in WWE once Cody Rhodes returns from injury. We’ll have to see when she will be back.

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