Botched table spot on WWE SmackDown was due to miscommunication, not Liv Morgan’s fault

There was a lot of talk on social media about Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan botching a table spot during the 6-pack challenge on Friday Night SmackDown.

Many WWE fans pointed the finger at Liv Morgan for not being able to leap far enough to hit the target but the spot was botched due to miscommunication and not something that Morgan did wrong.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained what happened. He said the following:

“There was a miscommunication, from what I understand. In the sense that it wasn’t supposed to be like that but it got changed like at the last second. I don’t know if everyone knew. Liv dove off the barricade but didn’t get far enough because originally it was going to be a different spot. From what I gather when they were going to the ring it got changed and maybe Liv didn’t hear about the change so that was the result.”

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