Booker T’s Lawsuit Against Activision Blizzard Is Moving Forward With Jury Trial

Booker T noticed that a character in the Activision game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” looked very familar. He believed so much that they ripped off his GI Bro character that a lawsuit was filed. Now they are set to have their day in court.

A jury trial was requested by Booker T in this case of gimmick infringement. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer is seeking a judgement from the courts, but Activision Blizzard wanted to block that jury trial from happening.

It was decided on June 8th in a Federal Court in Texas that Activision’s attempt to block a jury trial has been rejected. Booker T’s trial will proceed with a jury in place according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The character in question is “David ‘Prophet’ Wilkes” in the game. Obviously the Prophet bares a striking similarity to Booker T’s GI Bro character, one he used while wrestling for Ivan Putski’s promotion in Houston before he became Booker T. He also wrestled as GI Bro a couple of times in 2000 for WCW.

That GI Bro name is still owned by Booker T. He also owns the likeness for that character. This is the crux of that lawsuit which will now proceed. Legal battles can take a long time and a lot of money to sort out. Obviously, Booker T is willing to go through what he needs to in order to protect his property.

What’s your take on this lawsuit? Will Booker T win with a jury trial? Sound off in the comments!

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