Bobby Lashley Says The Miz Is In The Way Of History

Bobby Lashley has a big match ahead of him on WWE RAW this week. He will take on The Miz for the WWE Title. This is one of the most important matches of Bobby Lashley’s career, but he’s not worried about his opponent.

The Miz admitted himself that he never thought that he would win the WWE Title again. He did successfully cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase and win the top prize on the RAW brand. Now he has Bobby Lashley to contend with; the man who helped him win the title from Drew McIntyre in the first place.

While walking into WWE RAW this week, the well-dressed CEO of the Hurt Business showed a ton of confidence in tonight.

“Tonight’s the night. 17 years in the making, and The Miz is the one to stop me? I don’t think so.”

He also captioned this video with: “Nothing personal The Miz, you’re just in the way of history.”

Bobby Lashley really likes his chances walking into WWE RAW this week. His confidence should never overlook The Miz’s crafty tactics, because we’ve seen the A-Lister pull off a surprise or two in his career.

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