Big Show Was Upset Over Final WWE Appearance

The Big Show is no longer with WWE. His contract ended and they were not able to come to new terms. It was a financial situation, but a segment that took place just prior to his contract ending likely didn’t help matters.

According to PW Insider, Big Show’s final appearance during the January 4th Legends Night was not looked on favorably by Paul Wight. He is said to have been very open about how unhappy he was that Randy Orton punked him out on live television.

WWE and Wight were unable to come to terms on a new deal financially and his final contract with the company last month, days after he made an appearance being verbally bullied by Randy Orton on the Raw Legends Night episode on 1/4.  One source stated that Wight was very open that night about his unhappiness about the situation. 

The company moved Paul Wight over to their Alumni Section. Then AEW broke their big news that they now have Wight under contract.

Tony Khan has also already confirmed that Paul Wight will wrestle for the company. We will have to see if he likes their booking ideas any better.

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