Big E Reveals MMA Fighter He Wants to Join The New Day

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E is certainly on a role for the past few months, ever since he was separated from his New Day brethren Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The New Day remain one of the most popular tag teams in pro wrestling history and now it seems Big E wants an MMA star to be in the group as well.

While speaking on The A-Side Live Chat, Big E revealed that he thinks Israel Adesanya will be a great fit for The New Day.

“Israel [Adesanya’s] an obvious choice. I’m really looking for personality here and he’s a hell of a dancer. My God, what a dancer and even though he’s coming off a loss, I’m still going Adesanya. To me, he’s a star, he’s still a star, he’s got a ton of personality, he’s got the hips for the job and we need some length. All of us are like 6’0 or that 5’9 to 6’0 range. We need a guy with some length and so we’ll bring Izzy in for that.”

31-year-old Israel Adesanya currently competes at UFC and is also the UFC Middleweight Champion. Adesanya’s current UFC record sits at an impressive 9-1.

Adesanya had also earlier mentioned that he wants to try his hand at pro wrestling in WWE. We will have to see if he actually ends up joining WWE eventually.

h/t to Post Wrestling for the quotes.

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