Big E Reveals Kickstarter For New Black History Project ‘Our Heroes Rock’

Big E is very busy as a WWE Superstar, and he recently revealed a special project to educate and entertain.

The current WWE IC Champion was pleased to announce a new Kickstarter for a project called “Our Heroes Rock.” This will feature Grammy-nominated rapper Rapsody, and Big E will also provide a voice for the series.

The video describes this project as a large interactive museum of black history. Each hero on the tour, guided by a robot voiced by Big E, will also include an original song created for the project. The songs will teach lessons from each American Hero’s life and share their life experiences.

Big E is very excited about this project. The designs for the characters are done in a School House Rock feel which also brings a sense of nostalgia to the project.

You can check out the video below to see what Big E’s been working on outside of WWE.

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