Bella Twins Will ‘Make Sure’ WWE Return Happens ‘In The Next Year’

The Bella Twins have not wrestled in a long time, but they’re not hanging up their wrestling shoes forever. The two are set to make an in-ring return eventually, and it could happen sooner than you’d think.

Nikki Bella’s neck is still not 100% cleared by a doctor to take slams in the wrestling ring. She made that clear on the Bella Twins Podcast, however, she is doing neck strengthening exercises to help with that.

“In the next year, it’s gonna happen, because we’ll make sure, right?” Brie Bella said about the Bella Twins’ WWE return. Then Nikki Bella opened up a bit more about her injury status that forced her retirement in the first place.

Nothing is guaranteed for Nikki Bella’s return to the ring. She is set on it happening, but a doctor needs to clear her first. WWE also isn’t going to take any chances with reaggravating her high profile injury.

Nikki Bella also said that there is a lot of pressure on her to have baby #2. Artem wants a daughter and she wants to give their son Matteo a sibling. She is also set to capture the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles with her sister Brie.

Stay tuned, Bella Army.

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