Bella Twins ‘Scared’ To Bring Hard Alcohol Back Into Their Lives

The Bella Twins have been known to party, sometimes on reality television. It wasn’t uncommon for one of them to slip into “Brie Mode” while the other did whatever drunk Nikki Bella does. It was a good time, but parenthood halted those days of partying hard.

There’s no more hitting the clubs as mothers for the Bella Twins. Nikki and Artem are also having a bit of trouble with their “tiring” sex life. Brie and Bryan Danielson have two children at this point. The thought of throwing back tons of hard liquor in 2021 is a hard pass.

“You know what’s crazy is that you and I have been kinda scared to bring hard liquor back into our lives,” Brie Bella said to her sister on the Bella Twins Podcast.

“We’ve done a little bit,” Nikki admitted before revealing a secret from their social media lives. “You guys see whenever we do the IGs with our cocktails, Brie and I always ask for half the alcohol. That’s the trick.”

“It’s not a twin thing, it’s a smart thing, because you can have two drinks and it’s the same consumption as one alcoholic beverage,” Brie Bella inserted.

The Bella Twins might be moms now, but they are also eyeing a return to the ring. Don’t expect them to celebrate an in-ring return with tons of shots at the bar. Those days are long over for the WWE Hall of Famers.

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