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Kyle O’Reilly not only had fans worried, but also those in WWE NXT following the stretcher angle after Wednesday’s NXT episode.

While working the main event, Adam Cole kicked him in the head then hit a brainbuster onto the steel steps. Medics were checking on him as the show came to a close. A fan in attendance of the show got people really concerned as they had claimed O’Reilly suffered a seizure and was taken out of the building on a stretcher.

While WWE did have him stretched from ringside to the back, he did not really suffer a seizure. It was simply an angle and O’Reilly is okay.

Fightful Select reports that due to O’Reilly’s history with diabetes, the angle “caused a lot of concern among even the NXT roster, who weren’t sure if the situation was real or not.”

It was pointed out how WWE not telling most of the roster about creative including injury angles isn’t out of the ordinary. Also, a person in the company stated this was not a “seizure storyline” as WWE never made a mention about it when the idea for the angle was pitched or executed.

When WWE realized how the angle had gotten so out of hand due to the fan falsely stated O’Reilly had a seizure, “they sent word that it was just a storyline, and Kyle O’Reilly tweeted about it Thursday.”

Clearly, WWE is building to a match between O’Reilly and Cole. However, there’s been no word yet on when that match will take place.

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