Austin Aries says he was dealing with personal issues, regrets how he left Impact Wrestling, hopes to return and leave in a different way

Former WWE/Impact/ROH star Austin Aries appeared on Brian Hebner’s “Refin’ It Up” podcast. Aries was asked what he feels is the biggest miss of his career:

“Honestly, man, the biggest miss is not taking the contract offer after Bound for Glory in 2018 with John Morrison. We had that great match. We had a lot of buzz and created a lot of controversy, which was the whole point of how that match ended.”

“For some personal reasons that I’ve never really talked about, I passed on the contract. It was a multi-year contract. It was a nice contract that they put in front of me. I was just dealing with some personal stuff at the time where I decided not to take the contract, thinking I would still have an opportunity to come back or at least, you know, I offered to still come back and do the rematch to kind of finish up that storyline, because I thought we still had some steam there.”

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