Andrade was said to be “absolutely miserable” backstage at WWE Raw on Monday | Wrestling News

In an update on the story about Andrade, PWInsider is reporting that he was looking “absolutely miserable” backstage at Raw this past Monday.

As noted earlier, Andrade requested to be released but it’s not clear if that request was granted. It’s more likely that the company will have him complete the remainder of his contract.

The news about Andrade being unhappy in WWE is not new and we’ve heard similar stories when he was in NXT before he was paired with Zelina Vega (Thea Trinidad).

Andrade was not clicking on NXT until he was paired with Vega but his push stalled on the main roster. He was beginning to get pushed when Paul Heyman was in charge of creative but that push was halted by Vince McMahon when Heyman was relieved of his duties.

Also, as noted earlier, Andrade has removed WWE references from his social media accounts.

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