Andrade reportedly has requested to be released from WWE | Wrestling News

There appears to be a lot of smoke to the rumors about Andrade wanting out of WWE.

As noted earlier, changes to his social media accounts have fueled rumors about his status with the company after he removed WWE references on his Twitter and Instagram. As a result of the changes, he has temporarily lost his Twitter verification badge.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Andrade asked for his release last Monday while backstage at Raw. That does not necessarily mean that his request was granted and more than likely, the company will force him to serve out the rest of the time on his contract. We don’t know how long he has left on his deal.

Andrade hasn’t wrestled a match since last October. He was one of the wrestlers who was getting a push when Paul Heyman was the Executive Director of Raw. That push came to an end when Heyman was relieved of his duties. Aleister Black is also in a similar situation. He hasn’t been featured in months and his push stalled after Heyman’s exit as the Executive Director.

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