AEW’s Saraya says she quit drinking thanks to Ronnie Radke

AEW star Saraya was on Chris Jericho‘s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast this week to talk about her WWE run and her signing with AEW.

Jericho made a comment that Saraya still looks like she’s 24 years old. She responded, “That makes me feel good. Just take care of myself a little more. That’s what not drinking does for you though. Cutting out alcohol and sh*t.”

Jericho asked her if she is completely sober and she said, “Completely sober. Yea, yea, yea. I’ve been sober from drugs a lot longer time. When I first came back to WWE I had to stop taking drugs. Alcohol I was still drinking and then me and Ronnie (Radke) got together and he had the idea of completely cutting out alcohol. So I was like yea I’ll do that. Then we cold turkey just stopped drinking. And the weight that drops off you, I was just like ‘look at me! supermodel!’ People think I had a bunch of surgery. I’m like no it’s just all the water weight getting in my face. They didn’t realize what sobriety can do for you.”

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