AEW’s Matt Hardy: F**k the internet, too many heels worry about what the internet says

This week on the “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt and Jon Alba looked back at the WWE Unforgiven 2000 cage match that had the Tag Team Titles on the line. Matt also gave his thoughts on some current-day things in wrestling.

Matt Hardy talking about gimmick finishes to matches compared to longer:

“In this day and age, and Tony Khan is of this mindset too, I think he would rather have a really great, kickass match, go out there for a long amount of time, not a long amount of time, but for enough of a time that you can have this be a magnificent match that is worthy of four or five stars, whatever it may be. That’s just kind of like his mindset. A lot of the die hard wrestling fans are like that now. There are some people who are more casual people that are cool with things that are shorter, they don’t mind it, and probably like gimmicky finishes. It’s just different mindsets and I think it’s good to have a bit of all of that. I think pro wrestling should be a variety show.”

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