AEW Stars Already Know Who Huge Revolution Surprise Signing Is

AEW Revolution is coming at fans tonight. We will have full coverage right here at Ringside News. They will reveal a big signing for fans tonight, but stars already know who it is.

The company kept Sting a huge secret until his debut. Apparently, that isn’t the case with whoever AEW is bringing in this time around. According to Fightful Select, plenty of stars already know who the big surprise is.

Talent are being trusted with the information, and many of them know who it is, but haven’t even told close family, or friends. Ahead of the reveal, Fightful was told that the signing was “shocking, in a good way.”

This new signing will be “shocking.” We have a few people in mind who might bring out that kind of reaction. This is certainly an interesting situation and we thank you again for reading about it here at Ringside News.

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