UNC basketball: College basketball fans trolling Duke for lopsided scoreline

When UNC basketball jumped out to a 42-26 halftime lead over Duke, college basketball fans had fun joking about the NIT and more.

Neither Duke nor UNC basketball is having a particularly good season, so there wasn’t much hype for the latest matchup between the two historical college basketball powerhouses.

Even so, few could have seen a halftime score of 42-26 coming.

The Tar Heels dominated the Blue Devils to take absolute control of the game. Meanwhile, Twitter gave their own beating to Duke.

College basketball Twitter enjoyed Duke’s first half slip

The shock was real.

The simplest way may be best to describe Duke right now.

Fans from other teams sure ate it up.

The NIT jokes wrote themselves.

Even Duke’s official Twitter account couldn’t hide from the embarrassment.

And it was all looking so good for the Blue Devils.

Some people blamed the uniforms.

Others looked a little deeper.

The funny thing is UNC fans weren’t even enjoying the scoreline that much. Too many of them were anxious about the idea of a second-half comeback.

Duke is 11-10 with a 9-8 record in the ACC. Saturday’s matchup held importance on a couple of levels. A win for UNC would give them a series sweep. A loss for the Blue Devils could take them out of the NCAA Tournament, ending a 24-year streak of appearances. That makes it all the more embarrassing.

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