Trevor Bauer can mow down lineups with 1 eye open

Trevor Bauer is just messing around at this point, as he decided to pitch an inning in a spring training game with only one eye open, you know, just for the hell of it.

Where Trevor Bauer is throwing, he doesn’t need eyes to see…

Okay, maybe one, but that’s not the point. The point is Bauer is going to do whatever he feels like doing at any given time. The recent free-agent signing by the Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to challenge himself by pitching an inning in spring training with only one eye open. Despite having no depth perception whatsoever, the reigning NL Cy Young winner was still mowing down batters.

Does Trevor Bauer have the guts to do this vs. the Padres in a game that counts?

Saying that you are throwing pitches with one eye open publicly is not going to land well with the extremely petty individuals who play baseball for a living. This is a game of failure, and even those who play this game for a living don’t always handle losing in the best of ways. Can you imagine how a struggling hitter would feel about getting punched out by that one-eyed Bauer guy?

The good news for Bauer is he is at the top of his craft in his late 20s. It doesn’t hurt that he plays for the reigning World Series champions, so the eight fielders backing him up are excellent as well. As they always say, practice makes perfect, but will this kind of unorthodox practice lead to Bauer mowing down one San Diego Padres slugger after another during the 2021 MLB season?

We have no earthly idea what Bauer will do to challenge himself after pitching with one eye open.

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