Tom Brady was 1 step short of considering Saints last offseason

What if Tom Brady had ended up with the Saints instead of the Buccaneers? It was a real possibility if things had fallen into place.

Tom Brady’s move from New England to Tampa Bay changed the landscape of the NFL, resulting in a Super Bowl triumph for the Buccaneers.

What if that fate had been meant for the New Orleans Saints instead?

Brady apparently came dangerously close to landing in Louisiana instead of Florida. All it would have taken was Drew Brees’ retirement.

It may be considered one of the most impactful “sliding doors” moments in the NFL this century. Brees’ decision might have impacted Brady’s decision and the league might have looked completely different.

Could Tom Brady have won a Super Bowl with the Saints?

One of the most impressive aspects of Brady’s Super Bowl run with the Bucs was how quickly it all came together. Despite a pandemic-impacted season, despite a new coach, a new offense and new offensive weapons to integrate, Brady got things rolling in Tampa and never let up.

Would he have been able to do the same in New Orleans? Brees got the team to the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs with a 12-4 record, despite injury troubles and a failing arm. Brady almost certainly would have managed the same or better, ageless wonder that he is.

He would have had Alvin Kamara as a weapon out of the backfield and Michael Thomas as a target, even if the receiver was slowed by injury this past season.

The Bucs’ success was built on more than Brady, though. The defense was the foundation for most of the season and managed to shut down Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl.

The one time the Saints defense faced the Chiefs in 2020, they gave up three touchdowns to the star QB. Then again, New Orleans only fell to Kansas City by three points. The matchup would have given Brady a chance to do what he does best.

Of course, that’s not what happened. Brees stuck around for another season and Brady brought title glory to Tampa. The what-if will always linger.

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