Tom Brady retirement: When is he eligible for the Hall of Fame?

Tom Brady has announced his retirement and appears to be serious this time. When is the legendary QB eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Tom Brady is a Hall of Famer. Not officially, yet, of course, but there have been few careers with accomplishments as clear-cut as his. He’ll be the easiest first year of eligibility player inducted of all time.

On February 1st, 2023, Brady announced his retirement… for the second time. He says that this time he’s actually completely and totally done. Which means the clock has started on his Hall of Fame eligibility.

Brady will likely enter the Hall of Fame as the player with the most Super Bowl rings, passing yards, and passing touchdowns. He’ll headline a class that comes just two years after Drew Brees, another legendary quarterback from the same era, and a division rival for a brief period of time.

When is Tom Brady eligible for the Hall of Fame?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame, located in Canton, Ohio, stipulates that players must be retired for five seasons before they are eligible for induction into the hall.

Five years would encapsulate every NFL season through the 2027 year, which ends in early 2028. So that means Brady should be inducted with the 2028 class in the summer. The Hall of Fame game that year has to be the New England Patriots vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, right?

The only question remaining: Will Brady’s bust feature his flowing locks from earlier in his career or his high and tight style from the end?

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