Federer: Don’t Overthink Perfect Ending

Reflecting on his Laver Cup farewell inspired realization in Roger Federer.

The 41-year-old Swiss superstar said the love he received from London fans and fellow players created a perfect ending even if he didn’t record a fairy-tale finish in losing his final doubles match alongside Rafael Nadal.

“We all hope for a fairytale ending. Here’s how mine went,” Federer posted on Instagram.

“Lost 😩 my last singles Lost 😩 my last doubles Lost 😩 my last team event Lost 😩 my voice during the week Lost 😩 my job.”

Despite defeat on court, Federer said he walks away fulfilled with his farewell.

“But still, my retirement could not have been more peRFect and I’m so happy with how everything went,” Federer said. “So don’t overthink that perfect ending, yours will always be amazing in your own way.”

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