Should the Phillies be concerned by slow start to spring training?

Hot takes shouldn’t be allowed until after spring training, especially for Phillies fans.

Phillies fans know more than most to be patient. Spring training is far from the final product — the starting nine traditionally plays about 3-4 innings tops, only to give way to reserves and low-level prospects looking for an opportunity. This means that, despite literally not finishing the first inning on Sunday and drawing level with the lowly Orioles on Monday, there’s nothing Phillies fans can really take from two exhibition games, right? Right?

Well, maybe not.

Ivan Nova, potentially competing for a long relief or depth rotation spot, was absolutely dreadful on Sunday. He didn’t make it out of the first inning, allowing the Tigers to bat around.

And ties in baseball are never fun, but spring training results — even with the Orioles — don’t mean much.

Are Phillies fans measured enough to understand it’s just spring training?

For now, yes. Fans are just excited baseball is back. But that doesn’t mean they’re happy with the results so far. Hang in there, Philadelphia.

See? Mostly positive.

The Phillies made incremental upgrades to their bullpen, which was historically bad last season. Their biggest offseason move was signing J.T. Realmuto to a long-term contract, providing Bryce Harper with another star and more protection in the lineup for the long-term.

Spring takes are the worst. Heck, we’re not immune to them. But let’s pump the brakes on any more Phillies bashing until Joe Girardi’s group actually deserves it. Trust me, there will be plenty of opportunities.

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