Seattle mayor responds to New Orleans mayor’s recruiting pitch to Russell Wilson

Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan responds to New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell’s recruiting pitch to quarterback Russell Wilson.

This week, the Seattle Seahawks fanbase got a taste of what the Houston Texans faithful are currently dealing with in the Deshaun Watson saga. After reports circulated that Russell Wilson was unhappy with the Seahawks coaching staff, another bombshell dropped on Thursday. Wilson’s agent told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that his client would like to remain in Seattle but if a trade were to become a reality, he would prefer to be traded to either the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears or New Orleans Saints.

On Saturday, New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell sent out a video on her Twitter account to recruit Wilson to the Saints. Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan responded to Cantrell over three hours later, telling her to “keep your eyes off” Wilson. That, and Durkan jokingly said that her city is in the market for a new NBA team. Watch out, Pelicans!

Mayor fight!

Well, things certainly escalated quite quickly if you ask us. But it looks like it is all in fun. While a Wilson trade appears unlikely, you can not rule it out.

This offseason, Wilson has expressed his frustration with being sacked 394 times in the first nine years of his career. Then, a report from The Athletic this week mentioned that Wilson stormed out of a meeting with the Seahawks coaching staff this past season after his ideas to fix the offense were not taken into consideration. The relationship between quarterback and coach appears to be disintegrating, and one more disagreement could lead to a divorce.

But the Seahawks can potentially salvage it. They can take Wilson’s suggestions about how to fix the offense seriously, while also restructuring some contracts to free up cap space to give him better pass protection at the line of scrimmage. That could very well help appease Wilson and ensure he stays in Seattle for the remaining three seasons on his current contract.

Now, we wait and see if the mayors of Dallas, Chicago and Las Vegas mayors tweet out similar pitches to Wilson. But now they know that if they do so, Mayor Durkan will reply!

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