Seahawks: K.J. Wright links his future with Russell Wilson’s

Pending free agent K.J. Wright doesn’t want to leave Seattle, but Russell Wilson’s future likely dictates his.

Wright understands the importance of Wilson’s longevity in Seattle, and certainly isn’t about to recommend the Seahawks trade away one of the rare franchise-caliber quarterbacks this league has to offer.

Wilson (32) and Wright, both in the same age range (Wright will turn 32 this offseason), grew up in the Seahawks system together. Wright serves us better than any insider, and claims Wilson isn’t going anywhere, at least this offseason.

“I was kind of caught off-guard myself but looking back at it, Russ isn’t going anywhere,” Wright declared. “As long as I’m in Seattle, Russ is going to be the quarterback. He means too much to us. He means way too much to this organization, he means way too much to this city.”

K.J. Wright might not be a Seahawk much longer

As optimistic as Wright’s comment is, there’s a very real chance he’s played his last game in Seattle. Already over 30, he could command a nice price tag on the free agent market. That’s money the Seahawks can’t afford to spend at the moment, with only $4 million in salary cap space.

So, sure, as long as Wright is a Seahawk, he plans on Wilson playing alongside him. But if Wright leaves this offseason, what does that mean for Wilson, and vice versa?

“Usually people want to come to Seattle, not leave Seattle. I’m sure him and the organization will get things figured out. He’s somebody that I admire and love playing with, so I expect Russ to be with the Seahawks for a very long time,” Wright insisted.

Seahawks fans hope he’s correct in that assessment. As frustrated as Wilson makes the front office and Pete Carroll, they won’t be as successful without him.

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