Saints light up Superdome in tribute to Drew Brees after his retirement (Photo)

The Saints lit up the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday after Drew Brees announced his retirement.

The major storyline surrounding the New Orleans Saints this offseason is the team’s terrible state of finances. Deals are being restructured and cuts may be made just to get under the salary cap in 2021. That made it easy to forget the fact Drew Brees was still an active member of the team.

That changed Sunday when the legendary Saints quarterback announced his retirement. The team decided to honor him by lighting up the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in honor of the man who provided so many great memories for the city.

Saints honor Drew Brees by lighting up the Superdome

The front office in New Orleans likely knew of Brees’ ultimate plans. But some fans may have had lingering concerns about whether he would return. Sunday made it official and everyone can transition into honoring the quarterback instead of talking about how he may actually hurt the team if he returned.

Brees joined the team in 2006 at a time when the city was still in the early stages of trying to return to any sense of normalcy after Hurricane Katrina. He made the Saints a winner again and the team won a Super Bowl several years later.

Unfortunately, his play declined in recent years and he dealt with some truly scary injuries. He likely could have returned for one more season, but this is the best move for both sides. Brees is 42 years old and the Saints can begin a new era in 2021.

Brees is already a franchise legend and the honors will only continue to come as time goes on. Expect a huge celebration in honor of him once the Superdome can be packed with tens of thousands of fans once again.

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