Saints: Drew Brees’ pizza choice looks like peak retirement (Photo)

Drew Brees ‘pizza choice looks like peak retirement.

It’s not official yet but if there’s anything that proves Drew Brees is retired, it’s this photo of a pizza. But seriously though. What in the world is actually on that monster?

“Believe it or not, on the menu this was listed simply as a ‘barbecue chicken pizza’,” Brees wrote on Instagram. “But after I made some slight adjustments, this was the finished product!! Quite possibly the best pizza ever created.”

Brees has just to make his future as the New Orleans Saints quarterback known but he’s going around town like a retired athlete eating everything in sight and living his best life.

The latest update on Drew Brees was … not very clear.

“There’s still a little wiggle room because nothing is yet official,” SportsCenter AM analyst Chris Fowler said (h/t 247Sports). “Even some people close to him don’t know the full story. Drew Brees wants to win another super bowl so nothing can be off the table. But he’s reworked that deal to be owned $1 million in base salary. That suggested Brees and the Saints have decided to move on. Right now, the Saints are working independent from Brees. They’re trying to clean up their salary cap … And they do want to re-sign Jameis Winston. He’s a guy that they’ve talked to privately and publicly about that fact.”

But trust me, this is not the pizza of a man who needs to report for work in a few months.



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