Raiders, Dolphins and two other teams linked to Russell Wilson trade

It’s starting to sound like a Russell Wilson trade might eventually happen. 

Nothing is ever normal for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Ringer’s Kevin Clark has a long-running bit about how the Seahawks never play a normal game, but that weirdness is extending beyond the gridiron. Take, for instance, the Russell Wilson trade rumors that have been quietly simmering on the NFL hot stove for the last few weeks.

Nothing would be less normal — or more Seahawksy —  than a strange feud brewing up out of nowhere between the front office and its future Hall of Fame franchise quarterback. But that seems to be exactly what is happening, and the snowball is slowly growing bigger than anyone ever thought it might.

According to The Athletic, Wilson’s camp has gone so far as to give the Seahawks preferred trade destinations in the event the situation becomes untenable.

The “situation” started when Wilson told The Dan Patrick Show that he’d like it if the Seahawks front office allowed him some input into decisions that effect the offense he runs.

Would the Seahawks really trade Russell Wilson?

It’s been no secret over the last decade that part of what makes Wilson an MVP candidate each year is his ability to shine through the fog of the Seahawks offensive schemes. Nothing about Seattle’s offense is tailored to Wilson’s strengths, which is both a blessing and a curse.

So the fact that Wilson, who turns 33-years-old next season, would want to have a word in changing that isn’t preposterous.

The teams allegedly mentioned as trade destinations are the Dolphins, Jets, Saints, and Raiders — all teams that not only would likely be willing to pay a steep price for a franchise-altering quarterback, but would probably also gladly let him have the type of say he doesn’t have in Seattle.

What started as Wilson validating the frustrations Football Twitter has had in his honor is snowballing into the Seahawks so staunchly refusing to work with the best player the franchise has ever had to the point where a trade is increasingly possible.

The Seahawks never play a normal game, even when they’re playing themselves.

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