PYaAT web series by Adrian Clark a tool to help boxers

Former boxing manager Adrian Clark launched a web series called Protect Yourself at All Times (PYaAT) aimed at helping boxers outside the ring. 

In 2016, former boxing manager Adrian Clark released his book Protect Yourself at All Times (PYaAT) to help boxers outside the ring. That vision continues with his YouTube web series by the same name.

Clark has been around the sport of boxing for many years now and has seen the financial pitfalls that have preyed on boxers. He has seen a little bit of everything over time and has gained a lot of wisdom about the boxing business.

His first boxing client was Jerry Belmontes. Clark didn’t know much about being a boxing manager when he first started working with Belmontes.

“I had no clue what I was doing, but I didn’t let him know that,” Clark told FanSided several years ago. “I just pretended like I knew everything. I had to learn on the fly. I didn’t know anything about the industry. I didn’t have any connections. I had an undefeated guy that was 11-0, and I thought I had some leverage, so I just made it work from there.”

That was a long time ago, and Clark steadily grew his knowledge. He has worked with many big boxing names, but his approach differed from other boxing managers. His fighter contracts were open-ended and allowed the fighters to stay with Clark or go as they please.

His approach was so fighter-friendly that Clark grew a reputation for helping boxers out of bad contracts and providing sound advice. To this day, boxers from all over the country seek Clark out when they require contractual or business guidance.

Protect Yourself at All Times (PYaAT) is a YouTube series geared towards protecting boxers in business matters

His YouTube series PYaAT is for boxers and warns them about some of the most common perils of the boxing business. There are a total of seven episodes. Episode 6 premieres at 9 p.m ET on Thursday, April 22. The final episode premieres on Tuesday, April 27, at 9 p.m. ET. The series can be viewed on the PYaAT YouTube channel. 

One of the biggest concepts PYaAT stresses is that boxers are independent contractors. The series tries to show fighters that they are not employees of a boxing promoter or company. They are independent business people, and promoters are supposed to work for them. The series tries to impart a mindset of empowerment.

The most eye-opening episode of the PYaAT is episode 3, where Clark interviews Shannon Grace Hullum, who has numerous financial and business degrees and works in the financial field. She knows a lot about finances but not much about being a boxing manager.

Clark and Hullum combine to show how anyone can become a licensed boxing manager by filling out some papers and sending in money to the state athletic commission. Not even a background check is required.

Clark and Hullum point out a massive flaw in boxing management licensing. There’s no managerial training required to become a boxing manager. It’s a massive warning to boxers to carefully vet who they sign as a manager and a public announcement that these practices need to change.

Other series episodes feature financial experts and fighters such as Evan Holyfield and Willie Monore Jr. who share their experiences and shed more light on the realities facing boxers outside of the ring.

In the ring, boxers are aware of the dangers they face. Outside, they often don’t see business threats until it’s too late. Clark and PYaAT are doing something to try and change that.




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