Pete Carroll, not Russell Wilson, is the biggest problem in Seattle

An unhappy franchise quarterback is a big problem, but it’s clear Pete Carroll, not Russell Wilson, is the biggest problem for the Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Wilson has gone against the grain in recent weeks, refreshingly so in a certain respect, in voicing his unhappiness with the Seattle Seahawks. Much of his ire has been centered on head coach Pete Carroll, even without specific mention much of the time.

A recent report from The Athletic said Wilson believes Carroll and his sons who have been on the Seahawks coaching staff, answer to no one. Nate Carroll is the wide receivers coach, and Brennan Carroll was the run game coordinator before recently taking a job at the University of Arizona.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk dove into the dynamics in the Seahawks’ organization. Former owner Paul Allen stayed in the background, as has his sister Jody since inheriting the team when he passed away.

“Some in league circles believe the Seahawks essentially have become a corporation, with Vulcan Inc. (founded in 1986 by Paul and Jody Allen to oversee the family’s diverse business activities) and not Jody Allen running the team.”

“Instead, it appears that Vulcan Sports and Entertainment (a division of Vulcan Inc.) defers to coach Pete Carroll as the de facto CEO of the Seahawks subunit.”

Pete Carroll is the biggest problem in Seattle

In addition to being the head coach, Carroll is also the Seahawks’ executive VP of football operations. That’s a fancy way of saying he’s running the show, with general manager John Schneider seemingly not much more than a meaningful puppet.

So from personnel moves that are made (or not made) down to an ongoing run-focused offensive philosophy, nothing is done outside of Carroll’s influence, oversight, etc. So while it makes sense the organization is not happy that Wilson aired his grievances, as any organization wouldn’t be thrilled about it, saying what he said also served as direct shots at Carroll.

Having an unhappy franchise quarterback is a big problem (see Houston and Deshaun Watson). But in Seattle Carroll, the head coach/organizational czar, is the biggest problem. In some way, the openly disgruntled Wilson is just a bi-product.

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