Paul Finebaum rips ‘disgusting’ Les Miles to shreds over sexual misconduct details

Paul Finebaum ripped former LSU football coach Les Miles for his behavior that was revealed in a sexual harassment investigation in 2013.

Les Miles should never coach another college football game for his behavior during his time as the LSU football coach in 2013 that was revealed in a sexual harassment probe.

Miles was on the brink of being fired and then-athletic director Joe Alleva thought it would be the right move to fire him with cause, but ultimately, Miles received an extension and stayed on the job until he was fired in the 2016 season.

In 2013, Miles was investigated for his behavior toward female students, including kissing one of them, inviting women to his condo alone, and hiring female students that were blonde, fit and attractive. Not limited to just that behavior, but that behavior is what led LSU to ban Miles from communicating with female students and threatened him to fix his act or face consequences.

Paul Finebaum calls Les Miles a disgusting clown

Miles never faced the consequences for his off-field behavior but Kansas placed him on administrative leave where he’s expected to be fired. LSU suspended administrators Verge Ausberry and Miriam Segal without pay for their mishandling of the Miles investigation.

SEC Network host Paul Finebaum didn’t hold back his disgust when asked about Miles who he called disgusting and a clown and that Kansas made a joke of a hire when they hired him two seasons ago.

“There is a mountain of evidence against him,” Finebaum said on WJOX The Roundtable. “We will debate, and I know folks in Baton Rouge are shaking their head about what the university put up with or what they didn’t put up with back then. But he has no chance of surviving at Kansas. Quite frankly, he shouldn’t. He shouldn’t survive out there based on what he’s done on the field. I mean, it was a joke of a hire. Too many people in college athletics wanted to enable Jeff Long. We all seemingly love Les Miles and I know the guy. I’ve been around him for significant periods of time since he left coaching, and he’s a clown. And that’s being charitable, guys. I didn’t know anything about what we are now learning, which makes him even more disgusting.”

Finebaum can be a source for a lot of debate in college football but there’s no debating that the SEC Network host nailed his assessment of Miles. It’s only a matter of time until he’s out of college football for good, and anyone who behaves like him, will be exposed and out of the game too.

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