NFL rumors: Russell Wilson controls his own fate with Bears trade

Russell Wilson will have the power to decide if he would like to play for the Chicago Bears or not. 

Alright, Chicago Bears. You’re up.

As the 2021 offseason begins, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be at the height of trade rumors. Per multiple reports, Wilson is unhappy with his current situation in Pete Carroll’s system and with Seattle’s approach.

Since entering the league in 2012, Wilson has been sacked 40-plus times in a season on seven different occasions. And although he posted a career-best 40 touchdowns in 2020, Seattle saw an early playoff exit to NFC West rival Los Angeles in the Wild Card Round.

Worst of all? Seattle won’t have a first-round pick over the next two seasons.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Bears should “take their shot” to land Wilson. The defense carried the weight for a majority of last season while the quarterback conundrum felt ever under the microscope.

Chicago finished 8-8 but was eliminated by the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card Round.

Yes, Bears fans have heard this nonsense before. This time though, Fowler does have some traction behind his report.

Can the Bears add Wilson this offseason?

“I keep hearing from the Seattle side, the Seahawks are not going to deal him,” Fowler told ESPN on Thursday. “They have nothing in the works. Russell Wilson himself doesn’t expect to be dealt right now, but Wilson is watching the situation closely because he wants more… he wants to see himself better protected, some future plans in place.

“And if he doesn’t feel like he’s getting that in the next weeks or months, he could make this even more difficult, up the ante publicly. So we’ll see, maybe that opens the door for the Bears.”

This would be a costly deal for Chicago. It would also be a make or break moment for both head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace. Fans continue to regret drafting Mitchell Trubisky in 2017 over proven standouts such as Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

Multiple first-round picks would have to go to Seattle. A proven player would likely need to be in the deal as well. Chicago could part ways with running back David Montgomery, or perhaps cornerback Kyle Fuller, players who would fit Seattle’s offseason needs.

Is that enough? Does that warrant the trade?

The Bears are in limbo on what to do with Allen Robinson, who could be placed on the franchise tag come March 9. Robinson is  star receiver, but he wants to work with a star quarterback. Should Wilson be the guy, would he remain in the Windy City?

The Bears have their shot to add a Pro Bowl quarterback. The price though will be the deciding factor. If Chicago truly wants to contend in the NFC, it starts with the quarterback.

Will they take their shot?

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