Nebraska football: Scott Frost names starting QB, makes everyone puke

Scott Frost named Casey Thompson his starting quarterback, yet the Nebraska football offensive line keeps throwing up on the reg for some strange reason.

While Scott Frost has his new starting quarterback in Casey Thompson, his Nebraska football team cannot stop vomiting for the life of them.

Although “Casey’s going to be the guy,” Frost estimates that his Cornhuskers offensive line combines to throw up between 15 to 20 times per practice. Frost credits new offensive line coach Donovan Raiola for why the Huskers are going No. 3 on the field so often. “It’s not because they’re not in shape — he’s just working them hard … I think they love it.”

What is going on in Lincoln, man?

The only thing more embarrassing than vomiting all the time is Nebraska over the last five years.

Scott Frost actually bragged about how much his offensive line is throwing up

This is what happens when you devour Cinnabons like Jerry Gergich at a local Omaha food court in the presence of Jimmy McGill and Saul Goodman. Not to say the Cornhuskers were pounding snake juice in Pawnee the night before, but these cornfed boys had to be strapped to the roof of Donna Meagle’s car after a night on the town. A pre-broth cleanse might do the boys some good.

Then again, Nebraska is not only preparing to take on Northwestern in its Week 0 game overseas, but getting ready to get ready for all the off-field shenanigans Dublin may have to provide them. Let’s be real. If Nebraska can’t hang with the nerds over in Ireland, don’t bother coming back stateside. It might actually be worse than losing to Bret Bielema in his Illinois debut last Week 0…

Ultimately, Nebraska needs to start going to bowl games stat. If Frost cannot get it done, it might leave athletic director Trev Alberts with no choice but to really turn heel and hire Urban Meyer. The man has his warts, but he knows how to recruit nationally, something that will be required in helping Nebraska football be Nebraska football again. The best part: His guys will not be throwing up.

This is a once-proud football program, not an episode of Family Guy to fast-forward through.

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