NBA players hesitant to endorse COVID vaccine

Some of the NBA’s top players are apprehensive about publicly endorsing the coronavirus vaccine.

This NBA season has seen at least 25 games postponed or affected in some way by COVID-19. Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum spoke out about his journey to recovery from the virus. The San Antonio Spurs were the most recent team affected, having four players test positive for the disease last week. LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and James Harden are among some of the players who have already expressed the fact that they don’t agree with the NBA’s decision to proceed with an All-Star Game this year given the current circumstances. Still, a March 7 date is still being pursued and Atlanta has been named the host city.

Now, with the midway point in the season just a couple of weeks away, some of the top players in the league are reportedly hesitant to endorse the COVID-19 vaccine.

ESPN is reporting that some top NBA players are expressing apprehension about endorsing COVID vaccines

Given the fact that players aren’t in favor of the ASG, it’s no surprise that they might be afraid to publicly endorse the coronavirus vaccines. The NBA has reportedly invited some of the league’s top talent to participate in “public service announcements to bolster broader acceptance of the coronavirus vaccine” sources told ESPN.

Adam Silver is banking on the fact that looser health and safety protocol precautions will inspire players to get on board with the messaging.

Some players are reportedly hesitant to take the vaccine themselves, which would explain them not wanting to tell others to do it. The NBA is still working to educate players on the benefits of the vaccine. As players become more vocal about their sentiments regarding the NBA’s handling of the pandemic, fans should be interested to see what happens with the All-Star Game just around the corner.

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