Myles Garrett injury is further proof that Pro Bowl should be canceled

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett suffered a gnarly injury at the Pro Bowl which just goes to show the Pro Bowl itself is a bad thing for the NFL.

Getting voted to the Pro Bowl is a great thing for NFL players. Actually, having to participate in Prow Bowl weekend? Not so much.

Browns star Myles Garrett found that out the hard way when he dislocated his toe during the Gridiron Gauntlet at the 2023 Pro Bowl in Las Vegas.

Dislocating anything on your body doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience. There’s just something about doing it while competing in an obstacle course put together by the NFL because they’re out of ideas that makes it feel worse.

Myles Garrett injury update: X-rays negative on Pro Bowl DE

At least the x-rays on Garrett’s toe were negative. He’s also going to have plenty of time to get ready before the Browns kick off their prep for the 2023 season in April. With any luck, he will be back on the road to a fifth Pro Bowl nod before long.

Still, needing x-rays at all is a problem for a Pro Bowl player. Garrett was fortunate to escape serious harm. What happens when someone blows their ACL doing the Gridiron Gauntlet?

This is an issue the NFL hasn’t been able to figure out for a long time as the Pro Bowl itself has become less and less relevant. They’ve switched the game to flag football and introduced more skills challenges but it’s still not the spectacle the league wishes it was.

Eli Manning’s NFC went on to win the actual Pro Bowl game, 35-33.

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