Miles Teller delivered an incredible Peyton Manning impression for the SNL premiere’s cold open

Saturday Night Live returned for the 48th season, and they kicked it off with a great Peyton Manning impression from Miles Teller.

Saturday Night Live returned for the 48th season, and Miles Teller kicked it off in a great way for NFL fans. He had an incredible impression of Denver Broncos legend Peyton Manning, which was spot-on.

The skit was titled The Manningcast and was depicting Peyton and Eli Manning.

The actual Manning brothers typically cover Monday Night Football on ESPN, also titled The Manningcast, so the SNL skit was a funny surprise for those who are familiar. Teller had the same mannerisms and delivery as Peyton, so his impression was truly phenomenal and comical.

Miles Teller’s impression of former Broncos QB Peyton Manning was priceless

The similarities between Manning’s actual show and Teller’s impression were priceless. Teller opened the skit by saying, “We’re going to do live analysis of what’s already been played on TV.” Of course, their NFL analysis show takes place during Monday Night Football.

It also touched on some trendy topics past their prime, which occasionally happens during the actual Manningcast show.

According to Robby Kalland of Uproxx, “The skit pokes fun at efforts to be overly trendy, with cast members doing the Griddy for no reason and a Corn Kid impression weeks late for that to be relevant or funny.”

Unsurprisingly, nothing is off-limits on SNL. The show often pokes fun at a variety of shows, trends and topics to entertain an audience, so it’s no surprise they included the Manning brothers. The skit was great, and many people got a kick out of watching it.

What a perfect way to kick off another season of SNL and celebrate the first few weeks of the NFL season.

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