Matthew Judon threatens reporter with leaked photos over free agency story

Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon had a bizarre response to a dispute with a reporter, threatening to leak photos over a story about a contract offer.

A dispute between Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon and reporter Jamison Hensley is making the NFL offseason feel like an episode of a daytime soap opera.

On Wednesday morning, Judon went after Hensley for reporting that Baltimore offered the outside linebacker a $16.5 million deal like the one the Packers gave to Za’Darius Smith.

To say Judon disagreed with the report would be an understatement.

Judon went on to claim in response to another user that “this is the second time he’s lied without contacting me first,” referring to a previous report from Henley claiming Judon wanted $20 million from the Ravens.

Things then got really interesting over on Instagram.

Maybe it wasn’t the reporting on the contract that got Judon all hot and bothered.

Screenshots from BlackSportsOnline show now-unavailable Instagram stories from Judon, including Hensley’s report, which described how the linebacker “fell short of expectations.”

“Bruh you could of just called me trash and left the lies outta it now you got these fans in they feeling while I’m trying to stream,” Judon wrote. “Now say sorry or I’m a tell your wife you cheating on her.”

Matthew Judon took it too far by threatening a reporter

Safe to call this one an overreaction? Probably.

Hensley certainly needs to check his sources and correct his reporting if it’s proven to be wrong. However, Judon’s threats don’t seem to fit the nature of the story.

Calling out a reporter for a bad claim is one thing. Judon is well within rights to dispute misinformation. However, personal threats involving a reporter’s marriage and strip club photos is another level of response. It’s not a good look having such an extreme reaction to a relatively minor story.

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