Luis Castillo contract grade: Mariners extend their ace for half-decade

The Seattle Mariners traded for Luis Castillo before the deadline, and have now signed him to a monster contract extension.

Jerry DiPoto dealt for Castillo fully knowing that a contract extension had to be the next move. But first, he inked franchise cornerstone Julio Rodriguez to a deal linking him with the organization for the next decade-plus.

That signing, it turns out, was the first of what’s to come. Castillo is the head of the Mariners’ pitching staff, and has performed as such since he was acquired. Just this year, Castillo has a 2.83 ERA and 1.09 WHIP since the Reds traded him to the American League.

Assuming Seattle makes the playoffs, he will headline any Wild Card series-opener for the Mariners.

Luis Castillo contract details

Castillo was set to become a free agent after the 2023 season. This new extension ties him to Seattle until the 2029 campaign, assuming the team opts not to trade him.

Speaking of, Castillo’s contract has a full no-trade clause for the first three seasons. Assuming the Mariners are competitive — and Castillo is effective in his role — a trade would be unlikely anyway.

Luis Castillo Mariners contract grade

The Mariners receive a B+ for this contract. It could be even higher, depending on how he performs.

The M’s dealt four prospects to Cincinnati for Castillo, including two in MLB Pipeline’s top-100 at the time. Below is the full trade.

Mariners Get

SP, Luis Castillo

Reds Get

SS, Noelvi Marte

RHP, Levi Stoudt

SS, Edwin Arroyo

RHP, Andrew Moore

Marte and Arroyo remain in the top-100, with the former ranking at No. 17 and Arroyo at No. 53. The two players do play the same position, but either could project to second or third base, should the Mariners choose.

In one month’s time, the Mariners have spent $317 million to lock up the future of their franchise in Rodriguez and Castillo. Is there more to come?

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