Listen to epic radio call of Giants goal-line stand to win game vs Jaguars

A goal-line stand to win the game. You have to love the Giants putting everything on the line and emptying the tank to get the W.

In Week 1 of the NFL season, the New York Giants seized the moment and went for a touchdown on fourth and goal. Then, they doubled down and went for a two-point conversion. That led to a 1-point win over the Titans, a gutsy sequence of play calls that showed just how much new head coach Brian Daboll believes in this team.

Week 7 was the inverse of that. It was the defense’s turn to win a game in clutch fashion, and they did just that. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, it came down to the final play. The Giants had a six-point advantage, but Jags’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence had one last shot. On third-and-10, he completed the pass to his receiver at the goal line. He wasn’t in yet, and the defense piled on and stopped him with mere inches to go. Had he made it across the line, it would have tied the game and given his kicker a chance at a PAT to win it.

It was an epic stop, and the radio call matched the magnitude of the moment.

Bob Papa was on the call, and boy did he capture it perfectly. It was absolutely not a bad throw by Lawrence. You’d have to guess that most defenses would have given up six points there. Not these Giants.

The New York Giants are turning doubters into believers

The Giants have just one loss through seven weeks of the season. Who would have guessed that?

If it weren’t for the New York Jets who are even more surprising this year, the Giants would be the runaway team for an “exceeds expectations” award.

Daboll has proven to be the man, turning the culture around in New York and getting this team to look like a playoff team.

Most of the talent is fairly anonymous to casual NFL fans, but that doesn’t matter to Daboll. This team just might will itself to the playoffs, especially with how bad the NFC is.

Next week the Giants have the Seattle Seahawks on the road to protect their 6-1 record.

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