Kyrie Irving has epic wisecrack after LeBron’s missed free throw (VIDEO)

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Los Angeles Lakers last night 109-98, and  Kyrie Irving trolled LeBron perfectly after a missed free throw.

The Brooklyn Nets picked up their season-best fifth straight win last night over the Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 109-98. LeBron James, without Anthony Davis or Dennis Schroeder, led all scorers with 32 points in the loss. James Harden led the Nets with 23 points while Joe Harris, who has been shooting out of his mind this season, hit six threes on his way to 21 points.

Kyrie Irving didn’t shoot the ball particularly well, finishing with 16 points on 7-of-17 from the floor. This season has been a strange one for Irving, to say the least, but it had to feel good to get a much-needed win over his old teammate LeBron.

In the first quarter, Irving managed to slip in one of the best trolling comments to LeBron after James missed a free throw.

Kyrie Irving trolls LeBron’s free throw shooting

LeBron James’s free throw shooting has never been ‘elite’ so to speak. With a career .734 percentage from the line, he’s known to miss a few here and there.

Still, LeBron was selected to shoot a stand-alone free throw after a defensive three seconds call late in the first quarter of the Lakers’ matchup with the Nets. When LeBron missed the free throw, Irving took the perfect opportunity for a jab.


Both the Nets and Lakers currently sit in the number two spots in their respective conferences. The Lakers do have the better record at the moment, coming in at 22-8 while the Nets are 19-12.

Both organizations may be looking to make moves as the March 25 trade deadline approaches. NBA fans are highly anticipating a possible Finals matchup between these two organizations. We’ll see if these squads can handle their business and get to the biggest stage to fight for the championship this summer.

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