Kirby Smart has the best Nick Saban golf story ever

Kirby Smart really does have the best Nick Saban stories, this one coming from the golf course.

With it being Masters Sunday and all, let Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart retell one of his best Nick Saban stories from their time together on the links.

The Alabama football coach is insanely competitive at everything, which comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. He is crafty in his relentless pursuit of victory, no matter what the competition may entail. Even on the links, Saban is always trying to outsmart his adversary, no matter how sneaky it may look. Brace yourself for the epic tale Smart tells about Saban and the mulligan.

“So on the first tee box everyone has an unwritten rule, you get two [shots] off the first tee, like you’re getting warmed up,” said Smart. “So I’m going to hit two balls off the tee, I hit my first one bad, and I’m like, ‘alright, I’ll get my other one.’

“So I hit my second one out in the fairway, [and] he hits his first one out in the fairway pretty good, and he doesn’t use what he calls his mulligan, so he’s keeping that.

“Where I play, you don’t get a mulligan later on, you use it on the first hole or that’s it. So me and him are in a deadlocked match and we get to hole 18, and I’m finally up on him like two strokes up on 18, I’ve got him. I hit the ball right down the middle on 18. I know I’m going to win now.

“He hits his drive on 18 out in the woods and he says, ‘I’m going to use my mully.’ Like from the first hole. He’s going to use his mulligan and use it on that hole, and I’m like, ‘You can’t do that!’

“He uses it on the hole and ends up tying me, and he still claims I never beat him. I’m like, ‘That’s not right, you can’t pull out a mulligan on 18.’”

Georgia football: Did Kirby Smart just say that Nick Saban cheats at golf?

Look. The rules are the rules, but the rules have to be clearly spelled out before the competition begins. Otherwise, you will run into scenarios like Smart and Saban did on the ethicality of using a mulligan. Since most of us are atrocious at golf, that is not why we go to the links in the first place. But for those of you who are, you better believe you have to spell out what a mulligan is first.

Using a mulligan on the 18th hole to get ahead is so unbelievably sly, but we get it. Part of the game of golf is to cheat whenever you can. It is about having a couple of brewskis with your friends and lying to each other. It may not be the national pastime of America, but this does sound pretty par for the course. Smart knows Saban is always figuring out how to mount a comeback.

Smart might be able to beat Saban on the golf course, but he has yet to beat him on the gridiron.

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