Jose Gonzalez is another boxing ‘Chocolatito’ in the making

Jose Gonzalez fights using the family nickname, “Chocolatito.” He has famous boxing cousins, but he’s looking to make a name for himself.

Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez has a big rematch on Saturday, March 13 against Juan Francisco Estrada, but he’s not the only family member repping the Chocolatito nickname. His younger cousin Jose Gonzalez goes by Chocolatitio too and is an undefeated boxer on the rise.

Jose Gonzalez (15-0-2, 5 KOs) is 24 years old and fighting out of Harlem, New York, but his family’s boxing roots, which originate in Nicaragua, are a major part of his story.

Gonzalez’s father, Martin, was also a professional boxer. He was the first member of the family to use the nickname. He also serves as Gonzalez’s trainer today.

“Yeah, the first Chocolatito was my father,” Gonzalez told FanSided. “That name really like it goes back to like my grandfather, my uncles, but the first Chocolatito was my father.”

That name has been made famous worldwide by Gonzalez’s cousin Roman, who won his first boxing title in 2008. Since then, Roman has won titles in three more divisions, is the current WBA super flyweight champion, and a living legend.

Gonzalez has another famous boxing cousin named Cristofer Rosales, who is a former flyweight world champion. He is close to both of his boxing cousins and often joins them in training camp to help them prepare for fights.

Jose Gonzalez has gained a lot of knowledge by working with cousins Roman and Cristofer.

“I’m really close to them,” said Gonzalez. “I’m always speaking to them, saying how are they doing. If they need any help, any work, I’ll go out there to help them out in a training camp, sparring.”

Gonzalez is instrumental in training camp when his cousins have a bout against a southpaw opponent. His unorthodox stance helps Rosales and Roman prepare when they spar. The work Gonzalez gets from his champion cousins is also incredibly beneficial to his growth as a fighter. It’s also a tremendous boost to his confidence.

“It’s amazing because that’s high-level work,” explained Gonzalez. ” To get to spar a cousin that’s a four-time world champion like my cousin Roman, and he knows how to work around the whole ring and how to cut the ring and throw a lot of punches. And Christofer, he knows how to move, and he’s tall, and he knows how to cut the ring too. It’s amazing because I feel confident every time I get into a fight.”

Gonzalez won the WBC Latino junior featherweight title against Luis Millan in February and is looking to have an active 2021. He wants to fight as much as possible to be the next family member to win a world title.

Gonzalez works at the New York Stock Exchange as a clerk for his sponsor, Trade Zero, to keep his dream alive. His days are pretty full from his time on the exchange floor and in the ring.

“I wake up, and I go to the stock exchange,” said Gonzalez. “I work 9 a.m. to 12:30-1 p.m. And then I’ll go to the gym, and I just train from there.”

Gonzalez witnessed the possibilities of hard work and discipline. He’s doing all that he can to be the next Chocolatito to headline a main event.


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