J.J. Watt’s response to an impatient fan is hilarious and relatable

J.J. Watt let a fan on Twitter know that he is not ready to make a decision in his free agency.

Former Houston Texans superstar J.J. Watt will be looking for a new home in 2021. After being released by the only NFL team he has ever known, Watt is taking his time in finding the right place for him. He will not let any Twitter troll get in the way of him making a smart business decision.

Watt responded to a fan on Twitter on why he has not picked a team yet in a hilarious, but relatable manner. He quote tweeted that poor soul with, “I scroll through door dash for like an hour before I pick a restaurant man… You’re gonna have to give me a second to choose a new team and city.” We have all scrolled through Door Dash for hours before picking something to eat.

J.J. Watt will take his time picking a new team and what he will have for dinner

Despite being on the wrong side of 30, the future Pro Football Hall of Famer has had many suitors in his free agency. Teams like the Chicago Bears, the Cleveland Browns, the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers have been linked to Watt in the last week. While we do not know where he will go, we do expect he will be joining a team he thinks he can get to and win a Super Bowl with.

Overall, Watt only has one shot to do this right. He may only play a few more years in the league before retiring. So while he scrolls through Door Dash before he decides if it is Taco Tuesday on a Sunday night or if he will be having breakfast for dinner again, just know that he cannot make the best decision for himself on an empty stomach. A belly full of something good will go a long way.

Before Watt picks his next NFL team, he will have to make some tough Door Dash decisions first.

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