How would the BCS rankings look compared to final 2022 College Football Playoff rankings?

The final 2022 College Football Playoff rankings were revealed on Sunday. How do they compare to the old BCS rankings system?

On Sunday, the final College Football Playoff rankings were revealed after an eventful Conference Championship Weekend. There was drama entering ESPN’s selection show after the TCU Horned Frogs and USC Trojans lost in the Big 12 and Pac-12 Championship Games, respectively. That opened the door for the likes of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide to sneak into the Playoff.

But when all was said and done, the CFP selection committee named their top four: the Georgia Bulldogs, Michigan Wolverines, TCU, and Ohio State in that exact order. So, it will be No. 1 Georgia facing No. 4 Ohio State in the Peach Bowl, while No. 2 Michigan faces No. 3 TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

What would the BCS rankings look like if it were still in existence in 2022?

When it comes to the four-team Playoff, there is always controversy every single season. That has caused some to long for the days of the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) system, shockingly enough, even though that was filled with controversy.

Of course, the BCS system was used to determine the top two teams in the nation to play in the National Championship Game. That hasn’t always worked out well, and it actually led to the creation of the four-team Playoff.

With a little help from, here’s how the rankings would look like if they were still around in 2022:

As you can see, the most evident difference is that the BCS system would have had Ohio State ranked at No. 3 over TCU.

Another thing that stands out is that the BCS actually has Penn State ranked seventh-overall and Clemson ranked 11th-overall, which is a swap of what the CFP selection committee decided.

Then, the Kansas State Wildcats and Utah Utes were ranked eighth and ninth respectively.

In BCSKnowHow’s tweet mentions, they used six BCS-era computers to determine the top 25. All of them had Georgia ranked first, while five-of-six had Michigan ranked No. 2.

So there you have it. There were slight differences between the simulated BCS rankings and the picks of the CFP selection committee. For fans who still think there’s some controversy, don’t worry, because in 2024 the CFP will be expanding to a 12-team format. More teams, less controversy!

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