Here’s why the Lakers waived Quinn Cook

In what was ultimately a move for financial flexibility ahead of the trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers waived guard Quinn Cook yesterday.

Quinn Cook‘s time with the Los Angeles Lakers has come to an end. The fan-favorite was waived by the organization yesterday in a move that may have caught some NBA fans off guard.

Fans grew to love Cook over the course of the last two seasons he spent with the team, including their championship run last year in which he was left behind at the arena after winning his second ring. He won his first as a key role player for the Golden State Warriors in 2017-2018.

Now Cook will look to become a valued role player on another team.

The Lakers waived Quinn Cook to free up roster spots

The Lakers likely didn’t want to get rid of Cook, but it was obviously the logical move to make for the future of the organization. Cook’s non-guaranteed contract was set to guarantee on today, so the Lakers were forced to make a decision on his future with the team. Waiving him gets the Lakers approximately $1.75 million under the league’s hard cap of $138.93 million and creates two roster spots.

The two roster spots are key for the Lakers as they need to add another 3-and-D player and a big to make up for Anthony Davis’s absence and Marc Gasol’s disappointment this season.

With Cook gone, Los Angeles is now a very attractive landing spot for veterans and other players who will be bought out before or at the March 25 deadline. Players presumed to be available include George Hill, Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond, P.J. Tucker, Trevor Ariza, Hassan Whiteside, and JaVale McGee, among others.

Quinn Cook is almost sure to find another home soon. A career 40.7 3-point shooter can certainly earn a roster spot in today’s game. NBA fans ought to be interested to see where he lands.

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