HBO’s Real Sports revisits boxing Hall-of-Famer Ann Wolfe

The life and career of boxing great Ann Wolfe have come full circle. The boxing champ is now a Hall-of-Famer and recognized for her greatness. 

In 2009, HBO ‘s Real Sports highlighted the career of boxing champion turned trainer Ann Wolfe. It has been a while, but the show hosted by Bryan Gumbel revisited Wolfe’s story and where the dynamic boxer is today.

Wolfe was one of the pioneers of women’s boxing. She won titles in the super welterweight, super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. From 2001-2006, Wolfe was the baddest woman in boxing and ended her career with a record of 24-1, with 16 KOs.

Wolfe is arguably the hardest puncher in women’s boxing history, but she added to her accomplishments by guiding James Kirkland to contender status. Kirkland was a feared knockout puncher in the mid-2000s and fought his best boxing under Wolfe.

HBO’s Real Sports features an update on boxing great Ann Wolfe on Aug. 23 at 11 p.m.

Wolfe’s childhood and early adulthood were filled with horrific trauma, which HBO’s Real Sports discusses in detail. Boxing was her refuge and provided her with stability, a profession and a life preserver.

Wolfe credits boxing for saving her life. She is an incredible person who is tough as nails. She acted a bit and appeared in Wonder Woman but has been out of the spotlight for a bit.

Wolfe was inducted into the Internation Boxing Hall of Fame in the class of 2021. She helped revolutionize women’s boxing and received the ultimate honor for her efforts and accomplishments in the ring.

HBO’s Real Sports covers Wolfe’s past and her Hall of Fame induction but also looks at her life today. There are some surprises in store for boxing fans in what is ultimately a happy ending for Wolfe.

Catch HBO‘s Real Sport’s update of Wolfe on Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 11 p.m. ET.

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