Two Tricks for Getting into Good Golf Posture

Getting into a great golf posture is so important for setting yourself up to hit a good shot. Here are two very easy to remember tricks that will help you get yourself into a really good posture every time.

The number one thing golfers get wrong with their posture is too much knee bend  – I see a lot of people setting up and really flexing their knees. The problem with too much knee bend is that your top half gets tipped back and throws your weight distribution out.

Golf Posture Trick Number 1 – Knees

So how do you know how much knee bend you need?
A really good trick is to set yourself up and lock your legs straight. Then all you’re going to do is unlock the knees and that’s all you need to do…that’s all the knee bend you need, which isn’t much.

So lock them straight, then unlock them that’s all you do and then you’re in the right spot so that’s trick number one

Golf Posture Trick Number 2 – Arms

Trick number 2 is to allow your arms to hang straight down from your shoulders and then grip the club so there’s literally a straight line down the arms to the ground and then an angle out to the club.

So there are your two tricks to get you into a really good golf posture every time. Lock your legs straight unlock them and let your arms hang straight down from your shoulders.


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