Toro introduces trailer for two walking greens mowers


Toro has introduced the TransPro 200, a trailer created to increase productivity for walk mowing greens. The TransPro 200 gives up to two mowers a super secure ride so that precision settings don’t change during transport. The trailer is designed to ensure operators can quickly unload greens mowers upon reaching playing surfaces.
“Everything about the TransPro 200 trailer is designed to help make it easier for operators to do their job,” said Jeff Drake, global product marketing manager at Toro. “They can easily transport up to two greens mowers to the mowing area, and because the TransPro 200 keeps the mowers secure, superintendents can have peace of mind that mower adjustments remain intact.”
The TransPro 200 secures mowers by combining a front roller pocket, rubber mats and wheel/donut retainers. Once the ramp or rails are raised, the mowers are locked securely in place so they retain their height-of-cut adjustments during transport.
Adjustable roller pockets make it easy to configure the TransPro 200 to ensure a perfect fit for fixed units and flex units, with or without groomers. The hitch height is adjustable, too, allowing 2.5 inches of adjustment for level trailering regardless of the tow vehicle. A hitch pin release is incorporated into the convenient lift handle, making it quick and easy to hitch and unhitch the trailer.
The rail ramp module eliminates the need to use mower transport wheels, reducing loading and unloading time by up to 50 percent. The trailer can be configured for 18-inch and 21-inch mowers without the need for additional kits. Still more time is saved through the open design, which allows for an easy washdown of the mowers without unloading.
“If you take a quick look at the TransPro 200, all you’ll see is a trailer,” Drake said. “But if you look closely at all the ways it helps our customers, what you’ll really see is a time-saving, highly productive piece of equipment.”


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