Steeped in history, packed with technology: FootJoy unveil new Premiere series

They’ve been causing quite a stir on social media – and now Hannah Holden and Steve Carroll can finally take a closer look

The new Premiere Series range from FootJoy looks to combine inspiration from classic shoes with some serious modern technology.

These are the most premium in a new line of Classic shoes from FootJoy so I’ve roped in Steve Carroll – NCG’s self-appointed Icon lover – to give us his thoughts.

FootJoy Premiere review: First impressions

“I still don’t know whether to wear these or frame them,” Steve says. “No one, in my opinion, tops FootJoy when it comes to a truly classic golf shoe and these timeless additions are going to be venerated by those who love to look stylish on the course.

“They’re far from just a cursory nod to the past. They’ve got everything you’d expect from a modern shoe as well – comfort, flexibility, and solid traction.

“I usually struggle to wear something straight out of the box, thanks to a foot shape that leans more towards duck than runner, and that would usually steer me away from this kind of model.

“But the availability of a wide fitting here has made a huge difference.”

FootJoy Premiere review: The Line-up

There are three different designs in the Premiere range all inspired by important people from FootJoy’s history.

FootJoy Premiere Series Review

First up inspired by the Tarlow brothers is the Tarlow model. Bill and Dick bought the FootJoy business back in 1957 and made the decision to focus the brand primarily on golf.

FootJoy Premiere Series Review

Exquisite is the only way to describe the detail and craftsmanship that has gone into these.

Perley Flint inspired the navy Flint offering. He designed FootJoy’s first golf shoe in 1910. These are designed to have a timeless look thanks to the clean leather design.

FootJoy Premiere Series Review

Frederick Packard created a shoemaking company in 1857 that would become FootJoy. The new clean elegant Packard shoe is named after him.

FootJoy Premiere Series Review

The range also features the Women’s Premiere shoe which comes in a navy and white colour way or a black offering.

The Tarlow, Packard and Women’s offerings will all be available for customisation via the MyJoy’s process.

FootJoy Premiere review: The technology

To say these shoes are so steeped in history they are still packing a serious punch when it comes to technology.

All these shoes are designed to be lightweight to help with that comfort element out on the course. The Tarlow and Packard have soft sheepskin linings for comfort while the Flint utilities soft microfiber allowing that pop of red around the collar.

FootJoy Premiere Series Review

The Versatrax sole seen across this range is available in both a spiked and spikeless offering which can be customised via the MyJoys process.

This features an anti-channelling tread pattern to provide grip and any lie or angle you may face out on the course. That basically means the grips are treads don’t all align in one direction so you can grip the ground from all over the shoe and have more surface area to push against.

It also features a combination of plastic compounds in the sole to help grip own different surfaces. A harder TPU helps with on-course grip while a softer TPU helps with traction on harder off course surfaces.

FootJoy Premiere review: NCG Verdict

Back to Steve…

“With something this pretty, you don’t subject them to a British winter. We had a pretty wet December, and then lockdown intervened, so I haven’t been able to get them out on the course yet.

“That said, I have been gazing at them longingly from time to time and have been wearing them in so I can put them into action as soon as the padlock is off the club gates.

“I’m a big fan of the Icons, and always thought they would be my ultimate FJ shoe. But the Premiere Series – and the Packard I’ll be wearing – have gone straight to the top of my charts.”

FootJoy Premiere review: The details

Available: March 15, 2021

RRP: £169.99 (Tarlow) £159.99 (Flint/Packard) £149.99 (Women’s)

More info: FootJoy website

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