Odyssey Ten putters

Gear: Odyssey Ten putters
Price: $299.99 each
Specs: High-MOI mallet putters with microhinged face insert
Available: March 11

Over the years, Odyssey, the putter division of Callaway Golf, has shown that it is more than willing to borrow successful elements from previously-released models to offer both pros and recreational players enhanced versions of popular designs. For 2021, the company has done it again, utilizing one of its most forgiving shapes alongside popular alignment features and a roll-enhancing face insert in the new Ten putter family.

Like the original Odyssey Ten putter that debuted in 2019, the new mallets feature a squared shape that pushes more weight to the back in the heel and toe areas to dramatically increase the moment of inertia (MOI) and make the heads more stable on off-center hits. So, golfers can expect putts that are mis-hit to roll out nearly as far as well-struck putts, which should help golfers improve their distance control.

However, when you look down at several versions of the new Ten putters, you will clearly see two iconic white disks that appeared on many Odyssey putters starting about two decades ago. The 2-Ball versions of the new Ten putter should be easy for many golfers to align, but for golfers who do not like the 2-Ball alignment system, there are also versions of the new Ten putter with a single line, as well as Odyssey’s blue-and-red Triple Track alignment lines.

The Odyssey 2-Ball Ten putters come with white disks, lined disks and disks with Triple Track lines. (Odyssey)

Regardless of the alignment system golfer’s prefer, Odyssey claims the new 2-Ball Ten putters have an MOI that is 32 percent higher than the original 2-Ball.

To help get the ball rolling instead of skidding as it comes off the face, Odyssey has given the new Ten putters a micro hinge face insert. This version, referred to as the Microhinge Star, was originally made for tour pros who wanted a firmer feel than previous Microhinge face inserts and first appeared in retail putters in 2019. According to Odyssey, it not only feels firmer, the microhinges in the face help to pull the back of the ball upward at impact, which encourages it to start rolling along the ground more quickly.

Odyssey Ten putter face insert

Odyssey gave the Ten putters the Microhinge Star insert. (Odyssey)

Finally, to help golfers improve the rhythm and tempo of their putting stroke, Odyssey gave the new Ten putters an updated Stroke Lab shaft. The lower portion is made of steel, but the middle and upper parts of the shaft are made from graphite, which weighs less than steel. This allowed designers to add extra weight in the head and under the top of the grip. According to Odyssey’s research, this helps golfers make a smoother, more-repeatable stroke.

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